Monday, January 4, 2010

August 2009 videos

Branson feeding himself

August 2009 pictures

My cutie pie Kenlie (3)
Branson (7 months)

Kenlie and Bella playing with water balloons

The boys!

Close up of Kenlie

Kenlie fell asleep on the way home and daddy woke her up so she could go upstairs to go to bed and this is where she decided to lay.
Aunt Ashley, cousin Ivy, and Branson
Kenlie and Branson playing

August 2009 pics

Branson 7 MONTHS
getting into daddy's cords
taking a bath in the kitchen sink

found my tounge

Branson loved to lay on his side with his ankles crossed.
Branson (8 months)

Playing on the floor

Playing with the kids at the house....
Kenlie 3 and Branson 6 months
check out that drool...

Richins Reunion July 2009

tired Daddy and passed out Branson (6 months)
Kenlie having some lunch
Grandpa watching a show and the grandkids invading his space.. haha

Branson July 2009 Pics

Branson 6 MONTHS!

Branson learning to crawl
silly faces

Playing on his mat.
Learning to Crawl
Cute Pics of Branson
Love this smile.

July 2009 videos

Kenlie learning to beat box and dance with the show Yo Gabba Gabba.

and here is my contemporary dancer...