Monday, September 29, 2008

Surprise, AZ

On Sunday we drove down to Surprise to see one of my best friends and her family. She flew in from Virginia and her Mom had a get together for them. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and to let our kids play together.

Here is Jennifer and I.

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What a big girl!

I was picking up in the kitchen and Kenlie said mom my room is messy. I need help to clean it, we clean it every night together. I told Kenlie I could help her after I was done picking up the kitchen. So I finished up and came to her room and I found her picking up the toys in her room. She said, Mom I am cleaning my room all by myself! She was so proud of herself and wanted to show her room off.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hanging Out

If anyone asks Kenlie how she is doing her newest answer is just relaxing or just hanging out. Its so Hilarious! So here she is just "haning out".

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mom... I am trapped

Kenlie loves being in her room with her door closed. She is not even three yet and whatever room she is she wants the door closed. It doesn’t matter if she is going to sleep or playing with her toys. This little girl wants her privacy already.

What’s even more annoying is the guy who did a hack job of remodeling this house before it became a rental put door knobs on all the internal doors that you have to have a key for. Of course we were never given a key.

Here is what happened today.

Kenlie… Runs in her room to play closed and locked her door

Mom… Kenlie you need to open your door right now. 1….2….3….

Kenlie … does not open her door

Mom… Kenlie you can make a good decision or you can go in time out it is up to you.

Kenlie… finally opens the door

Mom… puts Kenlie in time out and takes the doorknobs off of the door. I am thinking great at least she cannot lock herself in since time out doesn't seem to help with this. I couldn't get the center piece out but no big deal, problem solved.

Kenlie… talks to mommy and then decides she wants to listen and go back to play in her room. So she goes and closes her door.

Mom… tries to walk in but cant because the thing in the center is still in place. I tried using a screw driver to open it and it wouldn’t work. So I call Dustin tell him he has to come home from work and I am freaking out a little while trying to keep Kenlie from freaking out in her room.

Kenlie… Says mom I am trapped and starts to get concerned.

Mom… its okay honey Dad will be here soon so he can get you out. I am peeking in through the hole trying to get her to show me how she goes down her slide to keep her calm.

Dad…calls back and tell me to put the knob in the center thing and open it.

Mom… Thanks honey it worked.

Dad… laughing at me and tells me how to take the center thing off.

So when Dustin gets home today he will be turning the knob around so she can’t lock herself in her room anymore.

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First Outfit

After our ultrasound we went to Kohls and found an outfit for our BABY BOY!

Kenlie had fun shopping shed look at the racks and so OH Mom... its so Cuuuute! She is so funny.

It was a little weird only look and boy outfits. I had a feeling this baby was going to be a boy but actually looking at boy clothes was different. Now I am going to have a son, I am gonna have to get used to that.

Anyway here is the outfit we picked out.


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18 weeks!

Wow can you believe it we are adding a boy to the Murphy Family! We are so excited!!! Here is a little video that was taken durig my ultrasound.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Class

I decided to start Kenlie in a Parent & Tot type class to get her ready for her tumbling class in a few months.

She had so much fun and loved the bars and the balance beam the best.

She looks so cute in her leotard, she is such a BIG girl! I cant believe how fast she has grown up.

I can't believe she is almost 3.

Books, books, and more books!

Kenlie is really loving her books and has me read several to her everyday. Yesterday I walked by her room and she looked so sweet just looking through this book. After I took the pic and she noticed I was watching her she says, "I am just reading mom".

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Park in Heber

Beautiful Cabin

Okay really this is a huge house with siding to make it look like a cabin. Nothing inside resembles a cabin. But it was so beautiful and so nice to get away and relax for the weekend with some of our good friends Kristen and Chirs.
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Coloring at the Cabin

Well I am the mean mom that said no coloring at the Cabin. Especially no MARKERS!!!

So we decided we could get a craft table and the kids could color on the patio. Which means my chances of cleaning crayons or markers off the walls or floor were pretty good. Kenlie was so excited and she had so much for playing with her friend Olivia and her older brother Jalen.

Riding in the Car

Kenlie excited to watch Vegetales with her baby on the way to our last minute cabin trip up to Heber.
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