Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Blessings in Life

I am so lucky to have my sweet kids. Everyday they put a smile on my face. Here are some recent pics.
Kenlie loving on Branson

Kenlie coloring and Branson trying to arch his back and get out of the Bumbo.

Branson playing on his mat.
I just love those rolls!

4 months old

Branson on his 4 month birthday.
Weight16.9 LBS (90%)
Height 27" (97%)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Funny Booger Story

Okay so I do not like boogers.. they gross me out so much. But this just made me laugh that I couldn't help myself.

Today I was holding Kenlie and Branson on my lap giving them kisses. Well Kenlie decided she needed to pick her nose and put a nasty booger in her mouth right before she went to kiss me. I stopped her and said "what are you doing?, We don't eat boogers that is disgusting."

She then decides to take the booger out of her mouth and stick it back in her nose.

I asked her... "Honey what are you doing? Put it in the trash not back in your nose"

She was like, oh okay.

It just cracked me up. I just love my Kenlie so much. She always has me laughing about something she is doing.

2009 Richins Reunion

Starting on our journey
Headed to the Richins 2009 Reunion
Kenlie sitting on a log at our campsite.
Kenlie and Branson
Murphy Family

Kenlie and some of her cousins in our camper.
Mommy and Branson walking around camp.

Home in the Forrest
All packed up and ready to go!

Richins Reunion continued...

After we packed up got the kids in the car seats we headed down the mountain. As we drove down the mountain we saw Allison walking up the mountain.
I guess she wasn't ready to leave quite yet.
They had left about 10 minutes before us so I wasn't really sure what she was doing. We stopped to pick her up and she was carrying 3 lug nuts that had broke up of their front tire. We went down the mountain to see where Kenny had pulled off and to see the damage that had been done.
Here is what it looked like after Dustin and Kenny took the tire off.

Headed back to the campsite.

The "reliable"quad stopped running. Poor Kenny was so frustrated but he got it running again so we continued up the mountain.
Dustin dropped us off and went with Kenny to find some parts.
Thankfully Diane and Walter and Kirk and Alberta were already planning on staying another night. They were so nice to offer us food and drinks since we had nothing with us.
The only ones that were thrilled we were staying another night was Kenlie and Ashlynn. They were running around holding hands saying... "We are Staying, We are Staying!" It was so cute.
Dustin and Kenny ended up having to drive to Flagstaff to get some tools and parts and was finally able to get the wheel off so Kenny could use our spare on the way home. They also were using their spare on the back tire from a flat that happened on this trip.
So they get ready to head back to camp after they get the spare all set up and everything and the battery on our Tahoe is dead. So Kenny and Dustin head back up to camp about midnight in search of some jumper cables. Thankfully Kyle had some and then they went back down and returned with both trucks.
We went to bed and woke up packed once again and followed the Brittons off the mountain. I think we were all very happy to be home once we got there.

Monday, May 4, 2009

3 Months

First Laughs

Daddy was very proud to be able to witness and encourage Branson's first laugh.
What a sweet momment.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mat Time

Kenlie was helping dad work on the trailer so Branson and I were able to have some fun mat time together!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ugh so disgusting...

So last week this nasty thing was in my house. We all know I do not do bugs, they are awful creatures and they do not belong in my house.

I have no idea what it was but it was flying around and it was crazy long. Longer than the width of a quarter. My hubs was out of town on biz and this was the email I had sent him...

We are okay but my heart is racing... you remember about a week ago you tried to kill that huge flying thing and it didn't die? Well I just found it on the stairs and let me tell you it was a fight to the end HAHA. I was doing laundry and needles to say I was trying to throw clothes at it to get it down for some reason. It was just flying around and then it went into the AC vent. Untouchable from me.... so I had Kenlie hold the child gate open and I raced down the stairs and brought the vacuum up with the hose attached and then sucked it up. Phewww... now I can breathe! Now I am off to rewash those clothes that got the bug stuff on it. HAHAHA nice huh.
So today I happen to see another one of those things flying in my backyard. Well it got stuck between my arcadia back door and the screen door. So I was able to get some pic's. No clue what it is but its pretty bizarre, under his wings on his body was fuzzy. Here are some pics.... anyone know what this is? I am guessing moth family but its not like everyday moths that I have seen before.
I am pretty impressed with the pics... they turned out real good.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to avoid getting Swine Flu....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We have a new pet....

Can you guess what it is?

Sorry the video is so dark.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank you, Mister Easter Bunny!!!

I had to wake Kenlie up and remind her that the Easter Bunny prorbably dropped by.

Once she was awake enough to go down the stairs she went to see if he brought her anything.

She found a play mat for Branson and a scooter for her. She was prett excited!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big Smiles

Got to LOVE the Bumbo!

Alright so tonight was the first night Branson has really sat in the Bumbo.
Here is Branson at 2 months, his first Bumbo experience. Little stinker wouldnt smile for me.
Here is Kenlie at 3 months, her first Bumbo experience.

Branson is 2 1/2 months and rolled yesterday. I thought it was a fluke but today he has been rolling and rolling. I am so proud of my big boy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

1st Project

We decided the first project we would work on in our home would be the laundry room. So we headed to Home Depot got some paint and I painted. Then Dustin built a shelf for me and we painted that.
This is my extended pantry and I am super excited to have the extra storage space.
In front of the window will be my freezer once Dustin puts in an outlet for it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 Months Old

Branson has his 2 month check up on Monday.

His stats....
Weight 12 pounds
Height 24 inches

He is in the 50% for his head and his weight and 75% for his height.

He has grown 3 1/2 inches since he was born and gained 3 1/2 pounds.

Sorry the video is sideways I had the camera the wrong way I guess and I dont think there is a way to flip it.


So we moved, woohoo!!!!
I figured with all the commotion the kids would be up and going crazy. So the plan was to head over to the house and start doing stuff there. Kenlie slept up until we woke her up to leave.
I cant believe she was snoring around all the guys in and out of the house moving furniture and boxes.

Some recent pics...

Here are a few every day pics of my sweet family.
My dear friend Kristin gave me this swaddle me blanket at my shower and they are the coolest things. Its a swaddling blanket with Velcro's so its super easy and fast to swaddle while your baby is screaming at ya.
Even better there is a hole in the back to put the crotch strap for the car seat in and you can actually belt them in and then swaddle them around the seat belt. Its awesome!
I just love that the swaddle me blanket is think and doesn't interfere with the car seat.

After church nap... what a stud he is

Branson chillin' on the baby swing

Whats up Man?

Sweet close up of Branson's Face

One of the few pics I have been able to get of Kenlie lately

Daddy and Branson in his office

Branson sleeping and Kenlie wanted to pretending to sleep next to him for a picture. She is quite the character!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Packing, packing

Branson chillin in a clothes hamper while Dustin and I were packing.