Saturday, March 29, 2008

Monterey Ward Easter Activity

OH NOOOOOOO its the Easter Bunny


Kenlie usually loves characters but she was so scared of the bunny. It probably didnt help that we had to wake her up to go to our ward easter party.

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Kenlie's first hair cut

Yep thats right she is 2 1/2 and finally got her first hair cut. It was a special day and Grandma was able to cut it. Look how cute it looks!

Easter Fun


Grandma Richins gave Kenlie her own little basket and inside she found some really fun jewelry inside. She loves her necklace and her ring. She quickly figured out the ring had lip gloss inside. This pic is just for you mom! :)

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Olivia's Birthday Party


Kenlie's went to a Birthday Party today and had so much fun in the bouncer. At first she didn't want to be near it and then I turn around and she is in there. I think she is just too much of a big girl for her mom to be helping her all the time.

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Fill a Bag Sale!


Alright, check out my savings. I spent $25 and saved $170.00 (at 2nd hand store prices). Woohoo! Kenlie is wearing the windbraker pants and top I got at the sale. When I was showing them to her and Dustin she was wanting to put every single outfit on. She is so funny! She loves running around and hearing it swish! Now I am set for quite awhile. I got all 3T/4T.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Kenlie and Shadow were playing today. Kenlie kept saying Hi right in his face and Shadow would give her kisses. Awwwe so sweet.


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Kenlie's said cheese today, her newest word!

Come on you know that is stinkin cute!

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Hi, is Ashee there?


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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Family Fun Day

This week we took a day and went and got a treat at the mall and walked around for a bit. We went in without the stroller and Kenlie did really good listening to us. We decided to let her take a ride on one of the toys at the mall and she ran straight to this car. She was so exciting when it started moving around. She was devastated when her ride was over and it was time to go.

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Chicken Coop


We had lots of fun at the Richins the other night. Polar and Shadow had lots of fun getting to know each other. Kenlie had a blast play with Brooky, Brayden, and Tanner. She really loved jumping on the trampoline. I think her favorite part was saying hi to the chickens. She sat on a step in the chicken coop and grabbed two chickens. We were cracking up she was petting them and hugging them, and giving them kisses. One of the chickens finally yelped for someone to save it. HAHAHA of course this did not phase Kenlie though. We finally got her out of the chicken coop and then we went inside and had a good time playing the WII. Braydon was really excited when he beat Aaron, Dustin, and I at a game of bowling. Yep that's right beat by a 5 year old!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Passed out

About a week ago Ashley and Micheal came overto watch Kenlie so Dustin and I could go bowling. I had a hard time leaving because Kenlie was having a rough day and I could not get her to sleep for anything. I was letteing her watch a show while she was in her crib with a cup, some cereal and then ashley had gotten her some apples after I had left. Ashely said she finally passed out.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our newest Addition

For my birthday Dustin took us and we went and got the cutest little puppy. His name is shadow and he and Kenlie have so much fun together. He is a lot bigger now but here he is.

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***Great Deals***





Wow look at all these yummy fruits and veggies. Thanks to the heads up from Jenny I was able to order my basket in time for todays pickup! MMMMMMMMMM We have already had some of the grapes and plums and they are delicious!
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