Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Baby Pic!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New pillow

Ashley and I decided we wanted a really nice body pillow.
So we ordered some nice sheets and got some really soft batting from Joanns. It took us three nights of cutting and pinning fabric and then sewing it together.
Then adding the batting and making sure all the seems were nice.
On the 3rd night I was just about done and Kenlie had one leg of the pillow and I was frustrated and grabbed the other side and tried to get her to drop it. Instead she grabbed tighter and my pillow ripped in half. I was so frustrated and was going to throw in the towel on this pillow.
Mom came over and helped me fix it and now its done. It is so soft and comfy and now of course Kenlie thinks its for her. Ummm I don't think so!
By the way dont you love my awesome wallpaper in my room. LOL

look at all the BaLlOoNs!!!

Kenlie was so excited when Grandma brought over some balloons this week.

Bana and Kenlie

After we got in our condo and got settled a bit we went down to the harbor to Grandpa and Grandma's favorite fish joint.
It was fun to watch them eat right on the water.

Unfortunately I couldn't eat much, which is really how every meal went. It was so frustrating!!!

Here is the first pic of the trip.

So hear is Kenli and Grandma (Bana) as Kenlie says it.

Kenlie was happy to see what the waves were all about after Grandpa was getting a little wet.

And a little video of the first time Kenlie on the beach. She had so much fun with Grandpa. We are so glad we were able to go on this trip with Grandma and Grandpa!

Heading to the BEACH

Well these pics aren't in the order I want them but I am not sure how to fix it.
Here we are headed to the beach.
Kenlie busy playing in the sand.

Getting ready to leave.

Baseball Mom

I was tyring to find a shirt to wear to the beach at Big 5 so I didn't get burned again and Mom was helping me keep and eye on Kenlie. I turn around and Kenlie says, "Look Mom, Baseball". I think I might have a ball player on my hands. I cant wait!

Mom gave her a bat to hold so we could take a pic of her with it but she was swing it trying to hit the shelves. So we had to take that from her pretty quickly.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thank You Dad

Dad was so nice and took Kenlie on a walk and watched her so Mom and I could play a few card games at Amy's. She ended up falling asleep on the coffee table.
She is so funny with her shoes and all!
Here she is after I moved her.

Kelsea playing catch

Kenlie was so excited that Kelsea was playing catch with her. Kenlie has so much fun with Kelsea, too bad she lives so far away she would be a great baby sitter for Kenlie.

Playing at Coronado Beach

Kenlie played in the sand while I looked for sand dollars in the shore.

I found 9 and made home with 4 in the car and then that turned into two and as soon as we were bringing in our stuff from dads car Kenlie smashed the last two. So I guess it wasnt meant to be... HAHA

Grandpa gave me his ICE CREAM!

While we were at Coronado Beach with the Brittons Grandpa got an icecream bar and gave it to Kenlie to finish. She was so excited!

This is one of my favoriate pics...

Sneak Peak of Tanner

Tanner didn't enjoy being at the beach like anyone else. Here is a sneak peak of how cute he is covered in sand.