Monday, March 30, 2009

Packing, packing

Branson chillin in a clothes hamper while Dustin and I were packing.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Time to move!

About 2 weeks before Branson was born Dustin and I decided to go for a drive out to the old QC.
Yep that's right I said Queen Creek.
Dustin was probably just about as shocked as you when I woke up that Saturday morning and told him I thought we should take a drive and check out the QC to see how much improved the roads are. When we moved there was one way in and one way out and it was awful! Especially when you got suck behind farmer Joe carrying a huge thing of water and you had a million cars coming the other way so you couldn't pass.
We drove around a few neighborhoods and I was happy to see many improved roads and all the new stores that have been built.
We came across a neighborhood that seemed to have alot of incentives so Dustin decided to go in and check it out. He come out with some papers and wanted to go check out a one of the spec homes they had. I decided we would all go in with him and I was shocked at how much I loved this home. I had goosebumps and everything just felt right and Dustin felt the same way.
Dustin wanted me to get Allison (our realtor) there right away. Yep we shouldn't have been out there in the first place without her but once I get something in my head I want to do it. We tend to do things on impulse sometimes. Allison was out of town with her family and we decided to go to the park really weigh the pros and cons and go from there.
So at the park Kenlie played and Dustin and I talked and talked. We were so excited to have found this house and we decided wed go home and pray about it. If we still felt good about it we would go out there on Monday with Allison.
What a long weekend that was, all we could think about was the house. Monday evening finally came and we walked the house again. We put in an application for the loan and started the paperwork.
Now here we are only a couple weeks from closing and we are spending time packing and getting last minute things together.
We are now coming up on the end of our lease again and we are ready to move. We are very excited to be able to own again.

Kenlie is so excited and everyday she pretends to drive her babies and toys to the new house.
I am so HAPPY to have carpet!

Here is a pic of the house we will be buying at the end of the month,!